Your air conditioning system has many working parts and a number of common problems. You may have to do some maintenance and repair work to ensure it’s working properly. In this article, you will learn about some basic maintenance tasks that you can do on your air conditioning unit. These tasks can be added to your annual checkup. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep your system running efficiently. If you are unsure how to perform these tasks, you can always ask your HVAC professional for assistance.

Remove any plants that may restrict the airflow. The same goes for weeds and shrubs near your unit. These can cause corrosion if they do not drain properly. Be sure to clean the coils and fins of your air conditioning unit regularly. Also, keep the unit clean and clear of debris. Avoid touching the condenser’s electrical components – they can be dangerous. Lastly, do not forget to clean the interior of your AC unit – debris and dirt can collect in its innermost areas.

Identify the leak. Most air conditioning units contain a condenser coil and an evaporator. Overgrown plants can suffocate the coils and cause them to lose airflow. You can use a fin comb or contact an AC technician to clean the coils. Additionally, check the condensate drain. It should be free of debris to allow the condensation to drain outdoors.

Clean the unit. External HVAC units are vulnerable to damage from harsh weather, kids playing near them, and debris. Cleaning the unit before it gets damaged will save you money in the future. Cleaning the unit may extend its warranty. Some HVAC tasks are accessible for the average DIYer to handle with the proper research. Others may require professional help. In the end, these tips should help you maintain your air conditioning unit and make it as efficient as possible.

Regularly service your air conditioner. Most central air conditioning units last 12 to 15 years. If you fail to maintain it, the system’s lifespan can be drastically shortened. Regular maintenance can help you diagnose any issues before they cause significant problems. Regular cleaning is also essential to maintenance since it can help prevent clogs and other problems. A qualified technician can detect and fix problems that may be minor at first but become costly as the problem gets worse.

Clean your air filter. It would help if you replaced it twice a year. Replace the filter with a new one if it is damaged. Replace the filter after washing it with a gentle detergent. If your air conditioner is a heat pump, you should also clean its evaporator coil. Cleaning the evaporator coil will prevent it from clogging up and causing damage. If you need to make repairs, call a professional HVAC technician to repair the damage.

Performing regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit will keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Regular cleanings will also increase its efficiency. Most problems can be detected and fixed before they become major ones. A qualified technician can quickly diagnose and repair these problems before they become a hassle. Once you have followed these maintenance steps, you can enjoy your air conditioner in peak performance and comfort. So, keep reading to learn how to maintain your air conditioner.