When is the best time to maintain your air conditioning system? Professional AC technicians recommend that you schedule a tune-up twice a year. This is the best time to have your system serviced because technicians will be less likely to be on the road due to emergencies. However, you should maintain your air conditioner at home regularly. The optimal time to have your system tuned up is during the spring and fall.

Clean the coils. Dirty coils prevent heat transfer and may result in a higher energy bill. Dirty coils will also increase the likelihood of your AC system breaking down sooner. Brushing the coils may be sufficient between tune-ups. However, if you are in a dusty environment, it might be necessary to deep clean your AC unit more often. Clean your air conditioning coils every few months, or if you notice any odor, you should clean them.

Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. If you have not had, it cleaned for several years, scheduling a maintenance appointment is the best option. A thorough cleaning can increase the life of your unit and save you money on energy bills. You should also add the appointment for next year to your calendar. Most smartphones allow you to set up recurring appointments. Once you’ve scheduled a maintenance appointment, you can set it as a reminder for yourself.

Clean the coils and fins. Dirt and debris on your air conditioning unit will make it work harder and consume more energy. Use a broom or garden hose to clean the coil and surrounding area. Do not use pressure washers as these may damage your AC. Trim back shrubbery and bushes around your air conditioning unit to ensure proper airflow. If your AC still does not work, contact a professional.

Schedule regular maintenance with a professional air conditioning service company. A regular maintenance visit will keep your system running as efficiently as possible. The technician will clean all parts, check the electricity and airflow, and ensure everything is in good condition. Once a technician has finished inspecting your air conditioning system, they will recommend repairs based on the findings. When you schedule a regular maintenance visit, you’ll be saving money on your electricity bills.

Your thermostat is like the brain of your air conditioning system. If it is not working correctly, it could be due to a dead battery. Replace the battery every year or when the low battery warning light comes on. Also, check the prongs of the thermostat to ensure that they are intact and are not broken. When it’s time to switch your heating system, you need to schedule a service call to a professional air conditioning service company.

Changing your air conditioning filter regularly is essential to extend its life and reduce the load on your system. If you have pets and are frequently using your AC, changing your air filter more often is recommended. In addition to changing your air filter, you should also check the filters. Most AC units should be checked and cleaned every six months. For heavily used systems, you should have them checked every two months. Replace them if they are dirty.