Does a tune-up affect AC performance? If your air conditioning system is older or not maintained properly, you might notice it uses more energy. This is due to clogged filters and dust traps, making it work harder than necessary. This, in turn, increases your utility bills. Thankfully, there are some ways to offset the effects of this. One of them is to schedule an air conditioning tune-up.

While experts recommend a tune-up once a year, many homeowners benefit from seasonal maintenance. Seasonal maintenance involves having your AC tuned up twice a year, in the spring before summer and in the fall before winter. Tune-ups are relatively inexpensive and can provide numerous benefits in the long run. If you’re thinking about scheduling your AC tune-up, do not wait too long! It is well worth the money.

Getting regular maintenance will help your HVAC system last longer. Depending on the make and model, air conditioning systems can last five to fifteen years. Furnaces and heaters may last even longer. Frequent maintenance will help you extend their lifespan. Most tune-up checks are safety checks, but some people remove them. If you suspect this, the person is fixing the problem incorrectly. To avoid this, make sure your AC is tuned up regularly and get it checked by an expert.

Your air conditioning system can become highly inefficient if not appropriately maintained. A dirty filter, clogged coils and blocked refrigerant lines can increase the pressure in your AC system, accelerating leaks. This puts extra pressure on components and forces the compressor to work overtime, leading to premature failure and a hefty repair bill. These are just some of the benefits of getting a tune-up. You may be surprised to discover that you do not even need to spend a penny on this simple service.

When should you have your AC tuned up? Generally, you should schedule this once a year or more. It is highly recommended that you have it done by a professional every year, but you should have it done by a professional if you notice something unusual or you have a problem. It will not only improve the performance of your AC, but it will also prevent costly breakdowns of your system and save you money in the long run.

An AC tune-up will make the unit quieter and prevent it from making as much noise. If you hear noises like hissing, buzzing, or whistling, it is likely a sign that it is time for a tune-up. It would help if you also noted any strange smells or sounds coming from your air conditioning unit. If these symptoms persist, it is time to schedule a tune-up.
A professional tune-up will ensure that all components are working correctly. They will inspect each part of your system and fine-tune it to ensure optimal cooling. The condenser, electrical connections, and other parts work together to remove excess indoor heat and spread a comfortable temperature throughout your home. The HVAC tune-up will also help you to protect your home from carbon monoxide poisoning. By scheduling a tune-up for your AC, you’ll be investing in the safety of your home.