Here are some common air conditioning problems you should know before calling a technician. They may sound like minor issues, but they can be huge problems that can affect the health of your home. If you would like to avoid costly repairs, learn about some of the most common problems and fix them yourself. Listed below are the most common air conditioning problems and what to do if you notice one. Weigh your options before calling a contractor.

Screaming noises from the air conditioning system indicate excessive internal compressor pressure. Never attempt to fix these problems yourself; they can lead to even more severe ones. You should also avoid ignoring air conditioning noises. You may be tempted to ignore them, but this can only lead to more significant problems and reduce the cooling system’s efficiency. Moreover, if you do not act quickly, you risk damaging the cooling system further.

Uneven or loose connections: Various parts of the AC are connected to different electrical wires. These wires may come loose and become loose. Loose connections can lead to even more damage. So, it’s a good idea to take care of loose connections before calling a professional. However, you should call a professional for assistance if the problem is too severe. So, how do you diagnose and fix common air conditioning problems?

No sound from the AC: If you notice air blowing from the vents but it is not cold enough, it could be the fan or the compressor motor. It is best to have a trained ear to detect a problem with these components. If the compressor makes a deep buzzing noise, that could mean a capacitor issue. Check the settings of your air filter, too.

Frequent start-stops: The problem can be caused by several different things. Your AC may have a bad thermostat or a dirty filter, a refrigerant leak, improper thermostat placement, or a frozen compressor. When this happens, you should call a professional for a proper repair to avoid a costly emergency. You can also consult a technician for further information. Once you know the standard air conditioning problems you should look for, you can avoid them in the future.

Burning smells in ductwork are an indication of a blower problem. If this is the case, you should immediately shut down your air conditioner. Resetting the circuit breaker can cause a fire, and is not a good idea. Rotten-egg smells are caused by dead insects or other particles floating in the air. If you find a burning smell coming from your air conditioner, you should check it out.

A dirty air filter or a clogged vent is another common AC problem. Dirty air filters and vents can restrict airflow. Frequent use can also wear down the compressor and fan controls. A broken condensate pan or a clogged drain pipe can lead to a much more severe problem. It is essential to have the air filter replaced if necessary and to make sure it is clean.